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GoodNow Sound is a full service recording studio in Chicago, IL that is owned and operated by Adam J Salsberg. Currently under construction in a large storefront in the McKinley Park neighborhood, these facilities have been designed with both comfort and functionality in mind. A great sounding, acoustically treated room is key to making great recordings, but we feel it is just as important to have a comfortable space that is conducive to creativity for everyone involved. We are constructing a large tracking room with plenty of space for bands of all sizes. In addition, we have a comfortable vocal booth, which can also be used to isolate a particular instrument. Through soundproof glass, both of these rooms look into a spacious, comfortable control room with a wide variety of state of the art recording equipment fit for all types of projects.

Adam has been recording music and producing audio projects for over a decade. He has been a musician his entire life, which led him to his love of recording music. He decided to make a career out of it, and received a degree in Audio Design & Production at Columbia College. Adam has experience with a wide range of audio projects. Below are some areas in which GoodNow specializes.

Music & Sound Design for Video

One of the things we specialize in is creating custom soundtracks for animation and video. We compose and record rich, original music that fits the theme and feel of each project. We will add sound effects and ambience that each scene requires, whether it needs to be realistic or larger than life.

Voiceover Recording

Many different types of projects require voiceover work, and a high quality, well performed voiceover can make all the difference. Whether it is a commercial, audiobook, podcast, instructional video or any other type of project, we will make sure that it has the voiceover it deserves. We have several talented voiceover artists available, or you can provide your own and we will make them sound great.

Music Recording & Mixing

We have recorded and mixed music in a variety of genres. If you record at GoodNow, we won't just make your songs sound great. Throughout the recording and mixing process, we will be honing in on a unique production sound that fits your the style of your music.